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Light Vehicle Recovery

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If you suffer a vehicle breakdown or require car recovery on UK roads, and you are a member of one of the large auto clubs, then, invariably it will be a partner of one of these associations who will come out to recover your vehicle and its occupants.

Car recovery and Light vehicle recovery services

Light vehicle recovery and rescue scenes

We are an accredited partner with all of the UK’s major auto associations and Insurers, providing rescue, recovery and assistance at the home and roadside for breakdowns, minor repairs and accidents.

But what if you don't have a membership with one of these bodies? What if you require specialist recovery from an off-road location, recovery of a stolen vehicle, transportation to a local destination or local breakdown assistance, then you could do yourself a favour by calling us, for:

  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • Recovery to a local destination of your choice
  • Safe recovery of all occupants in the comfort of one of our roadside vehicles
  • Specialist recovery of vehicles from off-road accident locations
  • Recovery of specialist, high value cars and motorcycles using our prestige recovery services

With a fleet of recovery trucks enabling us to undertake rescue in an assortment of locations, we can undertake the recovery of cars, caravans and vans up to 1.5 tonnes, using a range of lifting and towing mechanisms to ensure the safe care of your vehicle and its occupants.

Car breakdown and light vehicle recovery services

No rescue too large, or small!

All of our roadside assistance vehicles are manned by qualified technicians and carry the latest computerised diagnostic equipment to enable faults to be found promptly. Indeed many stranded vehicles can be repaired at the roadside using the comprehensive range of spare parts carried on each recovery vehicle. And where this isn't possible then we will recover your vehicle, and its occupants, safely in the comfort of the passenger cab of one of our recovery vehicles.

Should you have a special request for covered recovery of your sports car, or even the prestige recovery of an expensive performance car, we can deal with this for you using one of our bespoke recovery units. We even offer a motorcycle recovery facility using our specially converted recovery trucks.

For car or van recovery, superior prestige recovery or bike recovery, call us today on 01430 449309 to discuss your requirements.

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